Stave mill expertise

Anteco stave mill

Through our team’s experience, we manage to master the monitoring of the quality, but also their maturation, in order to use the best woods for our production.

The key to our consistency lies in the privileged relationship with the Anteco integrated stave mill from which the vast majority of our wood comes.

Making staves, an artistic profession

The finest logs, mainly native to pedunculate and sessile species in France, Romania, Hungary, are selected.
Logs are cut in the traditional way
Staves are sawed in quarters and half-quarters
The grain is selected and they are stacked for air-drying
Natural maturation for aging staves between 24 to 36 months
These processes are executed after very precise quality criteria and realised by our teams.

Following the receipt of the logs, our team organises them into bundles, optimising the output and cutting oak logs in order to get staves in the straight grain of the wood.

Just like the transformation of logs into staves guaranteed by our coopers, the maturation time and the open air-drying are substantial elements.


Alternative products

Our workshop devotes a part of its activity to the production of oenological use woods (cones, square-edged woods, boards, mini-staves).

Offcut and split staves are recovered and used as high-quality raw material in order to create alternative oak products such as : wodd chips, dominos or cubes…

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