Cooperage expertise

Anteco stave mill

Through our team’s experience, we manage to master the monitoring of the quality, but also their maturation, in order to use the best woods for our production.

The key to our consistency lies in the privileged relationship with the Anteco integrated stave mill from which the vast majority of our wood comes.

At the heart of our workshops

Each step, from the choice of the best woods to the final inspection of the barrels, results from the handmade work, concerned to respect the tradition and whose goal is to create high-quality products.

In addition to the type of wood, our coopers also take other substantial factors into consideration while creating our barrels :

> Wood grain
> The ideal humidity level between 15 and 17%
> Drying homogeneity

Woodworkings consists in shortening, squaring, hollowing out and joining the stave, in order to realise the assembly, also called “mise en rose”.

Mastering the flame

Heating, an essential parameter for the expression for the organoleptic quality, is a crucial step when it comes to the production of barrels.

In order to do this, several steps are necessary :

> preheating
> bending
> bousinage*

* Oenological cooking combining the duration and intensity of toasting. This is made in order to express the oenological, aromatic and tannic potentials of the woods.

We offer a range of 4 heating levels : Light, Medium, Medium + and Strong

Final touches

Around ten interventions are required for the design of our barrels.
They are hand-made despite occasional help from “machine-tools” :

> Assembly
> Heads fitting
> Hoops fitting
> Final sanding
> Watertightness test
> Custom laser-engraving

This whole process makes each barrel unique and different to the other ones.
We are very proud of our artisanal side and the appeal it conveys to our barrels.

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